By Kali Bagary | 15 November 2017 |

‘Guestimating’ is definitely a thing of the past. Today’s technological advances offer us the ability to collect data from literally everywhere, enabling us to pool this data to analyse for whatever purpose we require.

Big Data collection, IoT sensor information, Real-time traffic information are all being combined to our vast pools of data warehouses already processing day-to-day business transactions, offering the opportunity to gain in-depth insights previously unheard of.

Sounds great? It is. Sounds complicated? It is. Being able to collect data from various sources is one element, being able to bring it all into one platform for user friendly analytics use quite another. The top 3 challenges here involve Big Data, IoT, and Data Warehouses.

Over the next few months we will investigate the various challenges having complete visibility brings and offer a consideration checklist:

This month the topic is: Big Data

Big Data means lots of data.

External content gathered from many networks, streaming in real-time in numerous applications. IT teams face a large task here – by having to bring together huge volumes of data from a wide range of applications in various data formats into one centralised database?

Key considerations here are:

  • What is your business data strategy? What is your IT data strategy? Are the two symbiotic?

  • What is the main platform to be used? Is it scalable? Flexible? Can it manage multiple source data mapping? Can it easily integrate with other solutions and platforms?

  • Does your organisation have the storage space to save this data? Yes? Is your storage scalable to manage future data capacities? Do you have budget to increase this today? Tomorrow?

  • Does your organisation have the technical capability to map data from all the apps? Yes? Is your team trained up on all the latest technologies? If not do you have capacity to hire in new talent? Or is there budget to train up your existing staff? How will you retain key technology staff?

Our team of experts have been working with Big Data analysis for a while know and are available for a consultation if these key considerations have triggered some additional thoughts.

Streamcentral is a key platform we offer to enable mass data collection from multiple sources for data analytics. Big Data is one component.
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