By Kali Bagary | 15 January 2018 |

It’s no surprise that data warehouses are key elements of any business today. These vaults store vast amounts of operational business data, with incredible security encryption, to ensure this information is made available only to those that own it.

Having enterprise data available offers unprecedented opportunities for analysis, giving crucial insights for business intelligence enabling decision makers to develop growth strategies. Additionally, any real-time updates offer the information leaders require to optimise these strategies as and when required.

There are a few types of data storage:

  • Data Mart
    Typically consists of one kind of departmental data (ie. Marketing or Sales), is limited in size and is not aggregated.

  • Data Warehouse
    Typically consists of enterprise-wide data, is larger in size and is aggregated.

Traditionally, companies will have started their data storage via a data mart; quick & simple to set up and easy to manage. As their operational data grows in complexity so will the data storage requirements; hence the introduction of data warehousing solutions; more complicated in set up and management but meeting complex data storage and analysis needs.

So how can a business gain the complete analysis from different warehousing solutions? The answer is to unify the data being analysed from these vaults into one easy to understand dashboard. There are many solutions out there to assist this process.

One such system is StreamCentral, which enables mass data collection from multiple sources with constantly changing data streams for analytical purpose.

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StreamCentral ingests, profiles, validates and transforms data from multiple sources, going through business process, data correlation, event detection and modelling.

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