By Kali Bagary | 15 February 2018 |

2018 will bring an even greater digital disruption, as innovative technologies take this industry to a new level.

Foundations laid in previous years, such as big data collection, real time sourcing and data analytics have all provided business leaders with accurate and up to date information, enabling them to gain an unprecedented insight into their & competitive firms to really understand industry trends, set benchmarks and create growth strategies.

Looking to the future however, we see several digital disrupters hitting this industry. The question is do you know what they mean and what impact they will have on your firm?

This article will review exactly that.

  • Mobilization will take an even greater role:
    As smartphone and apps develop further to provide greater intelligence and functionality - literally at individual fingertips - the importance for data provision, transactional processing becomes important.

  • Automation will replace human actions:
    Having the ability to make transactions faster through automated processes enables the consumer to make more transactions, therefore saving valuable time. Thinking through a workflow process in line with as many transactions as your business can offer will enable you to set up more automated processes pleasing your customers.

  • Artificial Intelligence will set automation in action:
    Take automation one step further. By adding artificial intelligence, in other words a system that watches what the consumer is doing and can deduce what their future needs may be based on historical transactions. Now add that to automated processes and the consumer will be offered possible options as they carry out their enquiries/actions. Not only does this please the consumer it will drive business growth as, inevitably, more options will mean more transactions or puchases.

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain will lay their foundations.
    First let’s look at the definitions: ‘Crypto’ ‘Currency’: is encrypted digital cash. A ‘Block’ ‘Chain’ is a set of transactions (blocks) added together in a (chain) that cannot be altered. As digital payments have become the norm in today’s world, there have also been various set-backs including; fraud, hacking, centralised processing, costs to name a few.
    Here’s where cryptocurrency and blockchain come into a world of their own; through enhanced encryption, set processes, access to everyone, they enable greater payment protection and transaction cost savings.

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Ignore or miss these innovative technological offerings and your firm WILL miss out.
Customers will go elsewhere. It is essential your firm can provide finance and insurance processing on demand and on the go.

Quick automated processes with intelligent thinking behind them to enable the consumer a truly all-in-one personalised service will give any business the competitive advantage.

Think about how you like to buy; well, anything really – you want the best service tailored to your needs – not to the needs of the vendor.

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