By Kali Bagary | 15 March 2018 |

Large volumes of data provide unprecedented insights into any business, as well as their competitors.

Big data requires detailed understanding of all this data, in order to create the reports and dashboards senior executives require to make strategic decisions.

We all know this, yet astonishingly, the majority of businesses waste time, effort and money simply by having disparate systems requiring numerous man-hours to trawl through and synchronise data, then prepare analyses in various guises.

Along comes the digital disruption many of us are wary of, rather than embracing it. Electronic sensors and IoT devices, linked to big data, linked to artificial intelligence can all provide predictive analysis faster and more accurate than humans can.

We all understand this, yet astonishingly, the majority of businesses are not yet ready – either through legacy systems or apprehension – and simply do not invest in these types of solutions.

Whilst all this may sound enormous, the actual implementation can be seamless and quite manageable. By having one unified platform that offers great versatility to link various technologies together, businesses can be more proactive as they have everything they need at their fingertips.

Most already have available to them:

  • Business or Enterprise Data - such as customer records, trending records, policy data such as customer records, trending records, policy data...

  • Big Data - such as weather data, online activity, traffic data...

  • Real Time Data - such as device sensor information, pressure mats, geolocation tags...

Apprehension and legacy systems are starting the transition to unify these three sources into a single platform.

A platform, such as StreamCentral, will collate these sources and transform, profile, validate data against your business rules, data models, or event triggers (as you require), to provide your business with insights in 3 easy outputs:

  1. A Data Stream Output - or real time monitoring, reports and dashboards: see what’s happening from high level to detail.

  2. A Data Mart Output - or analytics and data driven applications – analyse everything

  3. An Action Generator - or notifications via email/text or further event actions – know what’s happening and when, make automated changes immediately

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