By Kali Bagary | 15 April 2018 |

Intelligent data analytics: ‘He who has the best data can make the best decisions’…  I heard that somewhere, sometime ago. Capturing data from various sources is not new.  Analysing data from various sources is also not new. Terms such as ‘Big Data’ and ‘Data Storage’ and ‘Data Analytics’ are all not new.

The majority of business today capture, store, process and analyse data – of all sorts.  Some solutions are based on older technology requiring more time for reporting, some capitalise on the latest innovative technology platforms offering more accurate reporting.  All good stuff.

Having the most up-to-date information from the widest range of sources readily to hand, enables better strategic planning and faster optimisation of those plans, enabling businesses to outperform their competitors because they simply see more information about their businesses, the competitive landscape and can react more quickly.

Here is where accelerated development really comes into a life of its’ own. The benefits to business leaders are:

  • Being able to see what is happening as it happens

  • Being able to share this information as it happens

  • Being able to trigger notifications as data goes outside set limits

  • Being able to analyse minute-by-minute data with historical trends

  • Being able to run real-time analytics against future predictions

  • Being able to change strategies according to results from predictive analysis

...just to mention a few

Enterprises often have many technology challenges, predominantly in that they have larger legacy systems which simply are too costly to replace.  Then comes the rapidly changing technology environment which seems to out pace many in-house technology platforms faster than the implementation itself.

Here’s where outsourced experts can provide cost effective solutions that can offer accelerated development for data analytics by taking data from multiple sources to roll up into one aggregated platform, thereby offering a scalable and flexible solution that can readily keep up with the ever-changing technology environments, without costly replacement of global solutions.

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