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is a free service that delivers any prescriptions or treatments straight to your door. Their mission is to become the most trusted online patient care provider of medications & treatments, both prescription and non-prescription, within the United Kingdom.  This service is offered via an online website and a mobile app.

The Challenge

A software developer partner was hired to create an online portal, with functionality around product ordering and delivery.  After an extended period of time and excessive costs, this partner was unable to deliver a fully functional solution. TechFINIUM was recommended via Project Leo, with the initial view to create patch updates to fix all the problems to provide a basic system.

The Solution

Upon delivering the patch fixes, initial analysis quickly identified the need for a complete re-write; as the client required a solution on a modern platform, which offered both scalability & high performance. In only 3 months, new web-based and mobile app solutions went live. The secure Amazon Cloud platform guarantees patient security and NHS/CQC compliance. The solution includes core functionality plus additional elements such as NHS prescription ordering & validation, auto notifications, stock & inventory management, as well as payments.

The Future is Looking Bright

A new phase is already in progress, which will include both real-time access to patient assessments and video chats withcertified Healthcare professionals and General Practitioners. Longer term strategic plans, as a direct result of this success, will see a closer Board level collaboration between RxLive and TechFINIUM directors.

Key Benefits to RxLive:

  • Time and cost savings through automated, secure Amazon cloud based solution.
  • Improved customer service through real time data management.
  • More efficient inventory management
  • Enhanced compliance with the NHS and CQC.
  • Automated management of NHS prescriptions via push notifications, SMS & emails.
  • Modern platform enables easy access to pharmacists/doctors through video calls.
  • Long term strategic partnership – not merely client-vendor relationship.
  • Quick delivery of scalable solution – only 3 months – thereby enabling RxLive to start generating revenue.
  • Local IT and industry experts to facilitate delivery & ultimately deliver structured bespoke solution.

We have been involved with accelerated application development for years now.  We have also expanded our reach from providing finance and insurance solutions to wider sectors such as pharma and solutions for e-commerce, stock management and more.

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Who are we?

We are proud of our team of highly experienced & well connected professionals, who have been successfully delivering business solutions across diverse technologies and in multiple industry sectors.

Our particular expertise is in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Along with this, we are able to call on our extensive network of consultants, partners and associates to augment our delivery capacity. TechFINIUM currently has operations in the UK, South Africa, and India.

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