By Kali Bagary | 15 November 2018 |

Announcing Cancer Central Phase 2:
Tomorrow’s Technology Helping People Today

We were delighted with the launch of Cancer Central on the ‘Expedia Day of Caring’ in September.

The website and underlying infoFINIUM platform are both live and already in great demand.

Even better still, the story continues; we have just launched phase two:
Our robust infoFINIUM platform collaborating with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence.

We’d like to introduce AVE, an artificial intelligence (AI) bot signposting businesses who provide services such as benefits advice, insurance products, counselling, complementary therapy, respite care, hats, wigs, lingerie, skincare, financial help, nutrition advice, local societies or communities, meals on wheels, books, blogs, forums, local hospital taxi services and so on; all based on the search location and cancer type.

In other words, AVE will help people find the local information they need based on traditional website filtering and/or through conversational searches, faster and with more personally relevant information.

This was achieved through Cominovation.

What does Cominovation mean? Well, over 10,000 hours have been donated by 100+ individuals and 20 organisations to make Cancer Central a reality. Subject matter experts have contributed to everything from the ideas, suggestions, design, processes, build, testing, policies, data and so on.

We are proud to be cominovators!

Are you a cominovator?

Are you a business or charity which provides products / services and support to those affected by cancer?

If YES, then we would really like to hear from you and invite you to register on the Cancer Central website - for free - to enable people to find you easily in their greatest time of need.

To register and for more information please have a look at our website: www.cancercentral.org.uk

Who are we?

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Along with this, we are able to call on our extensive network of consultants, partners and associates to augment our delivery capacity. TechFINIUM currently has operations in the UK, South Africa, and India.

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