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Accelerated Development – 3 Different Stories 1 Platform

Having complete visibility of your organisation’s data drives profitability and growth. To this end it is no surprise every business, charity, club, association is collecting vast amounts of data daily.

Technological developments mean management teams are demanding – not requesting - to have visibility into every aspect of their organisation through data.

To the business teams this means:

  • ADMIN: the ability to have 24/7 access to data, slice and dice the data as required through analysis and report generation
  • IT: maintaining infrastructures enabling massive data collection, security, storage, network stability
  • SYSTEMS: applications to collate data from multiple sources, map data into one unified database, support existing and new solutions to provide access, analysis and reporting

Once internal systems audits, data management requirements and project specifications have been conducted / created, organisations can look at requesting proof of concepts (PoCs) from solution providers.
Key considerations (incredibly often forgotten!) should include: time, cost and risk.

This is where accelerated development comes into a life of its own. Having a platform on which to easily develop key components for projects not only enables a rapid implementation of a new data management and reporting platform, it also provides the ability to integrate with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

This means it really does not matter what sector an organisation is in. What does matter is flexibility to choose fundamental components as the project demands, scalability enabling the project to focus on particular elements with the ability to upscale in future as usage grows and rapid implementation to have the new solution up and running quickly.

Over the course of 2018 we have been promoting several of our successful projects which we are particularly proud of.
All have been delivered quickly, are flexible and scalable.
All are quite diverse in nature yet follow the same development pattern, hence the title of this blog:

  1. DJSV – a global construction collaborative: document management system, automatic notifications, workflow authorisation process, audit trail reports, project management, dashboards and search engines
  2. a. Read Blog

  3. RX Live – a pharma distribution service: website and app; database, e-commerce solution, NHS prescription ordering & validation, inventory management, secure personal data management, automatic notifications, video call facility
  4. a. Read Blog

  5. Cancer Central – charity: website, data management platform, AI integration
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1 Platform: infoFINIUM

Our platform enables our team of expert designers, coders and developers to combine components to unify data and bring key functionalities together in order to provide a quick delivery for business to have:

  • A mechanism to input data easily
  • Data management such as mapping, validation
  • Workflow processes triggering automatic notifications
  • A secure cloud- based data storage and retrieval solution
  • Easy to use tools for end user report generation and data analytics
  • Communication with innovations such as artificial intelligence

The benefits of rapid implementation of a data management solution will bring any organisation the insight required and therefore competitive advantage.

We would welcome the opportunity to offer a demonstration on how this platform can provide your business with the tools you require to manage business critical processes more efficiently.

If you would like to learn more simply get in touch with us in a way which suits you best: add a comment on this blog, send us a message, call us 01494 546 089, email us at info@techfinium.com or visit our website: www.techfinium.com

Who are we?

TechFINIUM is a leading trusted software and solutions provider. Our aim is to enable businesses to efficiently manage business critical processes, corporate governance and compliance - globally.

We are proud of our team of highly experienced & well connected professionals, who have been successfully delivering business solutions across diverse technologies and in multiple industry sectors.

Our particular expertise is in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Along with this, we are able to call on our extensive network of consultants, partners and associates to augment our delivery capacity. TechFINIUM currently has operations in the UK, South Africa, and India.

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