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Tech Trends 2019: 2 of 5 Digital Disruption with Accelerated Dual Twin Solutions

This month I’d like to review the topic of improved business processes through the delivery of agile solutions and dual twin systems, offering even greater functionality through tailored optimisations.

Business processes have transformed immensely in the last century. From manual record and bookkeeping to entering information via a typewriter, to word documents and excel spreadsheets, to database creations, to today’s disruptive solutions offering intelligent data tracking and automatic notifications through machine learning.

Step one: Digital disruption through agile solutions

Business data has grown up. Larger volumes being collected need innovative solutions to unify and manage this data, applying business rules to it and churning out tailored reports based on it. Traditional solutions have taken years from concept to implementation, costing businesses huge amounts of time and money.

Not so anymore. Disruptive digital solutions are on the move. Completely customised applications that will follow business processes – down to the finest level of detail – are being delivered rapidly, in weeks and months not years. Accelerated development tools are giving solution providers, the opportunity to have a core application which can be rapidly configured and delivered to businesses. One such example is infoFINIUM. The benefits to businesses? Simple.

Efficient business processes driven by an integrated solution and quicker access to true data for reporting purposes. Today, many companies are already gaining competitive advantage as business units work collaboratively, bringing greater insights to senior managers and board level stakeholders.

Let’s take the new (well, now not so new) FCA and PRA regulations for approved persons as an example; SIMR, SMCR SM&CR. Many enterprise & SME businesses in the finance and insurance sector encountered difficulties when implementing a suitable solution, both in terms of regulatory compliance and internal business processes. As larger organisations typically have larger infrastructures and other – potentially incompatible - applications in their networks, any new system integration is costly both in terms of time and expense.

We have had the opportunity to work with some finance and insurance houses on projects which adopted a more innovative technology route, namely a custom solution (infoFINIUM for SIMR), which managed the regulatory compliance process as well as internal business processes – all delivered rapidly through accelerated development.

The benefits to businesses? Improved collaboration of business units through process improvements driven by innovative workflows. Businesses become more efficient.

In the example above relating to SM&CR, the business benefits of implementing an infoFINIUM solution were as follows:

  • Finance and Insurance businesses were compliant well in advance of PRA and FCA deadlines
  • HR were staff able to record compliant staff & could proactively ensure staff training was scheduled ahead of lapsed dates. They could assess ‘fit and proper’ status for all relevant employees
  • Compliance teams were able to easily generate Governance and Responsibilities maps as and when required on regulator inspections
  • Senior business stakeholders were kept informed and up-to-date on in-house compliance
  • IT teams were able to rapidly implement the new custom system due to the accelerated development capabilities of this solution
  • Analysts were able to easily monitor, amend and track regulatory requirement implementations into the solution
Step 2: Dual Twin systems for development

The rapid implementation of a solution offers further proactive opportunities to businesses. Purely by having a dual twinned system, IT teams are able to:

  • Have a solid back up should company infrastructure fail
  • Have a test system on which to trial new optimisations
  • Catch potential problems and resolve them before they occur in the real world

As the project kicked off a data mapping exercise was conducted. This resulted in data being analysed as it was uploaded. The resulting analytics for the document management system was set up within a workflow process. These steps included elements such as yes/no rules which would trigger events.

In the case of a custom regulatory system the value to businesses proved to be the assessment of real-time employee statuses and impact analysis. As and when a new regulation was released the twinned system could test the newly required workflow process to auto notify stakeholders and (in this case) training coordinators. Any external influencers on the regulatory compliance solution (such as email address failure etc).. could be proactively managed before transitioning into the live environment. The end user has never been aware of this problem.

Another core example was the implementation of a new business process, to include regulatory changes from the governing body. A further workflow has been set up and tested to ensure there was no impact on the compliance process. This optimised development took days rather than months, giving the business greater assurance of maintaining their compliance tracking.

This agile approach to a custom solution can only be offered with innovative technologies such as infoFINIUM.

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