By Kali Bagary | June 2019 |

Why implement a MASA Solution?

Before understanding the benefits, it is essential to understand the technology. Mesh App and Service Architecture (MASA) is a new software model that provides developers with tools to build bespoke applications for businesses faster. Think of it as building blocks of functionality and interconnectivity developers can piece together to create a new application, yet still have the flexibility to add customisations where required.

This hugely benefits the software solution provider as they can develop, test and deliver robust custom solutions to their clients in a shorter space of time than historically possible. MASA building blocks work with the latest technology infrastructure which enables a smoother implementation process into the clients’ network architecture.

These benefits are passed directly to client businesses. From project definition, scope and goal setting to actual delivery of the new application, time is greatly reduced, enabling the business to start using their new process solution in months rather than years. Merely by having a tailored business process application, immediate savings are recognisable, in terms of time to complete tasks, running costs such as stationery, improved customer services through order processing & delivery, which in turn often generates into future orders.

MASA technology really does provide benefits to businesses within all levels of the sales cycle.

With this technology available, it is surprising that many solution providers do not provide MASA solutions, which often result in delayed or abandoned projects. Businesses wishing to gain competitive advantage in their respective markets are turning to solution providers who use MASA technology to start new projects or revitalise older ones. Our client RX Live did just that, read our Blog-27 here: www.techfinium.com

They’ve implemented a custom solution based on infoFINIUM, which uses innovative MASA (Mesh App and Service Architecture) technology to improve critical business processes at the heart of your organisation. New applications are developed and integrated faster, facilitating digital transformation throughout the company. Businesses operate more efficiently and gain competitive advantage, as key data and processes are shared amongst all stakeholders.

Other clients are already experiencing business benefits including:

  • ✓ Quick delivery of a scalable solution enabling the organisation to start generating revenue sooner.
  • ✓ Easy and seamless integration with other applications, e.g. IBM Watson, Google Maps, Payment Gateways, legacy systems.
  • ✓ Cost savings from the annual stationery budget for paper and ink.
  • ✓ Time savings achieved through efficient process and comprehensive reporting.
  • ✓ Improved decision making based on real time data.
  • ✓ Comprehensive audit trails resulting in greater transparency.
  • ✓ Intuitive user interface making the application user friendly and making the process of user adoption easier.

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