By Kali Bagary | 15 SEPTEMBER 2016 |

Insurance businesses are complex and demand suitable technology solutions matching each and every requirement. Inevitably, numerous systems are set in place to manage various tasks in the day to day running of these businesses.

IT departments are then inundated with the onerous task of building links between these systems. Making these systems talk to each other, mapping fields within the various applications and ensuring correct reports are maintained, are only a few of the challenges IT teams face. Then permission & access follow. Commonly when this almost working properly one or more applications will have upgrades, which will impact various features of several applications and the process starts again.

This will give insurance businesses a competitive disadvantage and pose risks in its ability to serve customers as data is often misplaced or even lost. Leading insurance firms have gone through the process of reviewing various FINTECH and have transferred everything to ONE solution. Good solutions will:

  • Store all documents
  • Provide a great search engine to retrieve those documents
  • Have set workflows in place to mirror business processes
  • Include triggering and alerting enabling automatic notifications to inform relevant staff of urgent actions
  • Tools to provide a filter for pulling insurance products together, both as standard and on demand
  • Offer a secure repository of data
  • Offer a secure platform for pushing/pulling data to/from mobile devices
  • infoFINIUM is an example of a complex software solution that will cater to the multi-functional requirements insurance businesses demand in today’s world.

  • A short demo can offer valuable insight into the full functionality available today.

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