By Kali Bagary | 15 OCTOBER 2016 |

We’ve all been using computers now for decades. We all have our preferred methods of storing key information. Regardless if it concerns a business process, employee information, competitive analyses, or vital lead and customer requirements data.

Incredibly 80% of businesses keep this information on separate systems. The thinking behind this lies in the belief that somehow this makes the information more secure. Or does it?

Disparate systems often translates into spreadsheets, word documents or even SQL-based databases - purchased either off the shelf or as a result of a hired programmer for a short term to development something unique. Spread across the business as they have been attached in numerous emails in numerous versions for years. Sound familiar?

We all know the markets have changed significantly in recent years. Technological advances have given the power to the client. They need to be understood and nurtured so much more than in the last century. Simultaneously governmental regulations have been – and will continue to be – on the increase, to ensure financial institutions are prioritising the needs of the client, rather than pursuing their own interests.

Time waste is a terrible thing. All too often I see/read about time being wasted, which results in scrambling to produce reports for regulation, pulling together product portfolios, to clients being left baffled or in the dark. Inevitably finance and insurance businesses lose money as a result – clients can simply go somewhere else. Innovations in the FINTECH arena have become a vital component of today’s businesses – so much so that without something a finance or insurance company simply cannot be competitive.

Herein lies the trick = getting that FINTECH solution that matches your business needs. So many companies employ a solution that partially fits or offers limited service with its solutions. From experience, I can assure you - it is crucial to implement a solution from industry experts, not just an IT company selling a service or a solution which can be tailored for any business sector. I continuously speak to people about this point. I constantly read articles and blogs hammering this point home.

The long and short of it is: innovate by implementing a FINTECH solution by finance and insurance industry experts.

Here’s where we come in – have a look and call to find out how we can help you automate your business processes and ensure you have secure access levels to your business critical information.

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