StreamCentral is an advanced data platform that can ingest vast volumes of data (streaming and “at-rest”) from millions of different sources in near real-time, correlate all of it and identify “events of interest”.

StreamCentral accelerates the design, development and implementation of real time Digital solutions (IoT, Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions).

Not much has changed with respect to the challenges that organizations face in building and delivering Business Intelligence solutions.

New advancements in Big Data technologies like in-memory analytics, powerful visualizations and horizontally scalable data management platforms do not address the age old challenges of solution modeling, solution deployment, knowledge of design patterns, complex development cycles, real-time data acquisition, solution execution, maintainability and solution adaptability.

Even with these advancements in technology, building successful Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions is difficult, risky, time consuming and specialist skill intensive.

StreamCentral bridges the gap in building powerful Business Intelligence and real-time Big Data solutions by quickly enabling you to move from a blank sheet of paper to a production system, one that is comprehensive and powerful that can be delivered without a large investment in specialist skills.

StreamCentral brings together the ability to model real-time business solutions by introducing an innovative solution designer that simplifies the design process, rapid model deployment that automatically builds and deploys the model on industry leading data management platforms and model execution by providing an enterprise ready server technology that collects, processes, correlates and publishes data in real-time.

Together, these three components drastically reduce time to market, risk and cost associated with building Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions.

  • Road map to Big Data:

  • StreamCentral is the only solution that enables the evolution of current deployment of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing solutions within your organization to also include real-time streaming data consumption, external data integration, event detection, working with large data sets, real-time insights and 360 degree data marts
  • No code solution designer:

  • StreamCentral takes a solution approach – designing and modeling shifts to analysts versus everything being done by developers or programmed from scratch. Model data sources, entities, relationships, rules to monitor conditions across data sources, key performance indicators, dimensions, event detection rules, data mart definitions and more
  • Continuously adds context to data:

  • StreamCentral automatically builds and maintains time and location dimensions while entities like customer, partner, product, patient, supplier, plant and more can be created and defined in StreamCentral. Any kind of data that is streamed to StreamCentral, pulled in near real-time or imported via batch is continuously and automatically connected to time, location and defined entities. This significantly reduces risk, time and cost associated with building BI/DW and Big Data solutions
  • Support for innovation in Data Management technologies:

  • StreamCentral is built on top of industry leading Big Data Management solutions : HP Vertica and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Auto deployment:

  • StreamCentral takes the model blueprint and creates the appropriate database structures reducing the need for in-depth knowledge of HP Vertica or SQL Server development. StreamCentral builds, deploys and maintains all internal structures in those database environments automatically
  • Enterprise ready:

  • StreamCentral is Industrial strength, enterprise ready with web scale characteristics to handle extremely large amounts of data. Use of in-memory processing as well as next generation distributed architecture enables the building of highly scalable and available solutions
  • Plays well:

  • Is standards based and agnostic to existing enterprise technologies
  • Adaptable:

  • Everything created in StreamCentral can be modified. Makes it easy to adapt the Big Data solution to changing needs of the business